The Book of Austerity
Catalog no. QuarterTone Productions QTCD-1009


Vocals by Shahram Nazeri
Composition by Farrokhzad Layegh

The Song Of Mirrorlands

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Shahram Nazeri - The Book of Austerity




Shahram Nazeri, one of the most well-known Iranian vocalists, has always been praised for his experimental and innovative approach towards the traditional forms of Persian music. "The Book of Austerity" is his latest work based on the compositions of Farrokhzad Layegh, in which the music goes beyond the classical bounds with new and strong forms of expression. "The Book of Austerity" is a narration of the deep sorrow of a nation throughout its long history of oppression and despair, and it is based upon the modern Persian poetry. The music supports the unapologetic expressions of the modern poetry towards social and political issues and specifically towards the socio-political climate in Iran after the 1953 coop d'etat against Mossadegh.